Federica Trotta is an Italian stylist whose unique take on fashion has caught the attention of such names as Bulgari, Redvalentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Malo, Irakli Paris, Wella, Hilton, Hotel Lutetia among others who have sought her inspiration and advice. she began her love affair with fashion while studying at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome. Following her studies at the IED, she left for New York.

She brought her international experience back to Rome where she opened her own studio with long-time partner and photographer Danilo Falà.
Her work with the above-mentioned clients also inspired her to launch a coffee table, Mia Le Journal, as editor in chief. The book delves into the notion of intimacy as a condition of the unique physical and emotional closeness of human beings and its affectivity.

an independent international magazine about fashion, photography, art and illustration. A semi-annual collection of interviews and photoshoots that explore people’s intimate sphere through a deep and delicate introspection that gives shape to feelings, mind games and inner conflicts. a project born of a group of artists fiercely motivated by a common desire for creativity and the search for authenticity.

Today Federica and Danilo opened the Mia Production agency and moved to Milan. They work between Milan, Paris and New York.



Danilo Falà is an Italian photographer trained and educated at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Rome where he now teaches. Following his first professional experiences in the fashion industry, he opened his own studio with his long-time partner and stylist Federica Trotta.

His extensive portfolio includes photo shoots, campaigns and look books for designers the calibre of Calvin Klein Men, Dominioundici, Toi et Moi Paris, Save My Bag, Wella, Retropose, Gloria Gaia Bellardi London and Procter & Gamble among others. Danilo’s passion and innate creativity fuels his ongoing search for new inspiration in fashion and is clearly present in the style with which he chooses to shoot his subjects.

This flare for style also led him to accept a role as associate editor of the fashion magazine Mia Le Journal, a magazine that delves into the notion of intimacy as a condition of the unique physical and emotional closeness of human beings and its affectivity.

Living in Rome and immersing himself on a daily basis in its mix of old and new gives him the creative spark needed to find the right inspiration to successfully capture his clients’ briefs.



Carmen Palumbo, born in Rome in 1995.

Has a passion for art, dance, cinema, photography and fashion. Decided to pursue a path that would allow her to express her creativity at best in her career. Graduated in Fashion Styling July 2018 at the IED in Rome. Currently working as a Fashion Assistant & Graphic Editor for Mia Le Journal and Mia Production.


Elena Brozzi was born in Rome and grew up with two passions, fashion and writing.

She decides not to choose any of them but make them merge, so she starts to study Fashion Stylist and Editor in IED Roma.

She is currently Fashion Stylist Assistant for Mia Production and Fashion Editor Assistant for Mia Le Journal.


Maria Elena Meloni born in Rome in December 1991, she left faculty of law to start a new activity that was in her mind since she was a young girl: to work in ‘fashion’.

She gets a Unversity level decree in ‘Fashion Styling’ at IED In Rome. From 2017 she is Fashion Assistant at Mia Le Journal and Fashion Stylist for Mia Production.


Valentina Raschielli was born in Rome, where her interests between the fashion world and the beauty of magazines, led her to choose the Ied courses in fashion styling and editor. Now is fashion assistant at mia le journal and mia production.


Sara Lecci, born in 1993, is today Junior Fashion Editor for Mia Le Journal and Fashion Forecaster for Mia Production.

Both her big passion for photography and her innate creativity have led her to graduate at the European Institute of Design, with a Bachelor of Fashion Styling, and to work as social content creator for Mia Le Journal and as Fashion Assistant for Federica Trotta.
From 2016 she is Graphics Editor for the magazine, and in 2017 she becomes a coordinator for the postgraduate course in Styling and Fashion Editing at IED in Rome.